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Watch Moonlight People (2019) : Full Movie Online Free Two young men and two girls on a moonlit night confess to each other in their strange fantasies and loves that go beyond the usual standards.. The impetus to making the film was the book of the same name by the Russian religious philosopher Vasily Rozanov, who died 100 years ago. His treatise was devoted to the study of sexuality and its denial in Christianity. The film was made in the style of experimental films of the 1920s with a non-linear narration full of strange surrealistic images. He is black and white and devoid of dialogue. Filmed on film 16 mm of firm "Svema", released in the USSR. This added to his exoticism. The image was put to the music of Alexander Scriabin “The Poem of Ecstasy” (1907).

Release Date:Apr 14, 2019
Genres:, , ,
Casts:Юрий Ядровский, Владимир Золотарь, Natalya Surkova, Дарья Алымова
Plot Keywords:surrealism, independent film, art house, black and white, experimental, avant-garde, 16mm, collection of short films, experimental art film, avant-garde horror, queer, film

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