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Watch Doctor Who: Resurrection of the Daleks (1984) : Full Movie Online Free Captured in a time corridor, the Doctor and his companions are forced to land on 20th century Earth, diverted by the Doctor's oldest enemy - the Daleks. It is here the true purpose of the time corridor becomes apparent: after ninety years of imprisonment, Davros, the ruthless creator of the Daleks, is to be liberated to assist in the resurrection of his army. Not even the Daleks foresee the poisonous threat of their creator. Indeed, who would suspect Davros of wanting to destroy his own Daleks - and why? Only the Doctor knows the truth. Will he descend to Davros' level of evil to stop him?

Release Date:Feb 08, 1984
Genres:, , ,
Casts:Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson
Plot Keywords:time travel, tardis

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