The Masque of the Red Death

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Watch The Masque of the Red Death (1964) : Full Movie Online Free Satan-worshiper Prince Prospero invites the local nobility to his castle for protection against an oncoming plague, the Red Death. He orders his guests to attend a masked ball and, amidst an atmosphere of debauchery and depravity, notices the entry of a hooded stranger dressed all in red. Believing the figure to be his master, Satan, Prospero is horrified at the revelation of his true identity.

Release Date:Jun 24, 1964
Casts:Vincent Price, Hazel Court, Jane Asher, David Weston, Nigel Green, Patrick Magee, Paul Whitsun-Jones, Robert Brown, Julian Burton, David Davies, Skip Martin
Plot Keywords:sacrifice, prince, castle, satanism, village, revenge, murder, tragic villain, massacre, middle ages, edgar allan poe, evil prince, satanic ritual, plague, medieval times, devil worship

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