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Watch Portraits in a Sea of Lies (2010) : Full Movie Online Free A young woman experiences the worst life has to over in this depressing but worthwhile Colombian drama tinged with a hint of magical realism. Paola Baldion plays Marina, a withdrawn teenager whose abusive grand-dad houses her in a dilapidated shed. When the old fart pops his clogs, Marina passes into the care of cousin Jairo (Julian Roman), a cheesecake photographer who "hires" her to help him with his gear, and the two end up taking an episodic road trip as they travel to reclaim grandpa's legacy. Unpleasant flashbacks to Marina's tragic childhood ensue. Yep, the good times never end in this one! Known in English as Portraits in a Sea of Lies, this meditation on the 50-year long Colombian civil war - as seen through the grueling experiences of our heroine - won the Jury Award for Best Narrative Feature at the 14th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival.

Release Date:May 21, 2010
Casts:Paola Baldion, Ana María Arango, Carolina Lizarazo, Ramses Ramos, Edgardo Román, Julián Román
Plot Keywords:colombia

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